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A smile makeover dental treatment usually involves one or more types of treatment that are performed to rejuvenate your smile. Now, you may think that a dental makeover is only about aesthetics. But, that's simply not the case. Having a great and attractive smile can bring a lot of positivity in your life. You will no longer be ashamed of smiling in public. And gaining your confidence back can have a significant impact on your personal as well as professional life.

At Chatsworth Dental, we offer comprehensive dental makeover services to help our patients smile through all their problems. Our smile makeover dental treatment options are customized based on an individual's needs to achieve the best results. Our highly trained smile makeover dentist has several years of unmatched experience in treating patients of all ages and having different types of problems and expectations.

Reasons to opt for a smile makeover dental treatment

You may decide to come to us for a dental makeover when you experience one or more of the following:

  • One or more worn down, broken or damaged teeth
  • Your oral appearance deteriorating with time
  • Your teeth starting to function abnormally
  • Gaps occurring between your teeth
  • Embarrassment while talking or smiling in public
  • Embarrassment while taking pictures
  • Uneasy biting or chewing of food.

Your smile makeover dental treatment options at Chatsworth Dental

top teeth arch

Our skilled smile makeover dentist will suggest the best treatment option for you after having thoroughly analysed your mouth and smile. At Chatsworth Dental, we offer a vast range of dental makeover treatment options, which include the following:

Cosmetic treatment options

One of the most popular smile makeover treatment options is teeth whitening or tooth bleaching. This is the easiest and least invasive method of enhancing the appearance of your smile and making it pearly white.

If you are missing one or more teeth, then dental implants would be the best option for you. Dental implants are titanium replacement tooth roots which are surgically placed in your jawbone to provide support to the replacement teeth.

If you are suffering from a badly damaged, infected, misshapen, crooked or broken tooth, then dental crowns are the way to go. Dental crowns are wafer-thin shells made of porcelain which look and feel like natural teeth and cover the outer portion of the crown part of the tooth above the gum line.

Other cosmetic treatment options include dental veneers, cosmetic enamel contouring, periodontal plastic surgery, gum line recontouring, gingival grafting, black line removal, dental fillings, inlays and Onlays.

Orthodontic treatment at Chatsworth Dental Group

Our smile makeover dentist also specializes in orthodontic procedures in rejuvenating smiles. These procedures are aimed at improving the normal function of the teeth as well as one's smile. One of the most popular techniques is Invisalign aligners. Invisalign aligners (or clear braces) are a series of clear aligners which are required to be changed every two weeks. These aligners eventually shift teeth to the desired position. Invisalign treatment is used to correct bite issues and malocclusion.

Other orthodontic treatment options include ceramic tooth-coloured braces and orthodontic veneering.

Benefits of a smile makeover dental treatment

Dental makeover treatments can turn your life around for the better in several ways which might not always be apparent. A smile makeover may help you get a promotion at work or find your soulmate. Here's how a dental makeover can make your day every day:

  • A great smile can help you leave long-lasting impressions in the minds of others.
  • A smile makeover treatment can enhance your confidence and self-esteem to the point where you feel fabulous in your skin and that is the key to the most charming personality.
  • A smile makeover treatment will increase the frequency of your smiling which, in turn, is good for your physical health.
  • With proper care and maintenance, the results of smile makeover treatment can last for about 10-15 years.
  • A dental makeover can address and treat several dental issues such as misaligned teeth, worn down teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, gaps between teeth, and discoloured teeth.

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